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Maintenance and repairs on your vehicle must be carried out in conformity with the prescription laid down by Pak China Motors (the Manufacturer) in Pakistan. Such operations are to be performed exclusively by Pak China Motors (Private) Limited authorized service centers. Failure to comply with the recommended maintenance schedule may invalidate this warranty. You must provide proof of maintenance records, invoices, etc. Warranty may be rendered null and void under certain conditions. Please refer to your vehicle's warranty booklet for further details.

Total Care Ownership

Coverage includes:



Cars built to last. Warranties too. We have a lot of confidence in the quality anddurability in every new PCM that rolls off the assembly line.

So much confidence, that we offer an industry leading PCM___years (s) or ______km warranty program.

Warranty provides coverage until either the yearly or total mileage figure is reached, whichever comes first.Pak China Motors will repair or replace any parts / assemble their vehicles that are found to be attributable to manufacturer in material or workmanship under the stated provision of limited warranties under normal use and maintenance under the warranty period only.

(Warranty Period: ____ years / __________Km,whichever comes first)

The original battery is fully covered for the first 12 months from the Date of Delivery regardless of mileage. Tires are warranted by Tire Manufacturers. Refer to the tire Warranty pamphlets provided to you with your PCM Vehicle.

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